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Funeral Items

by Martin Company

Martin Company has a wide assortment of Funeral Announcements and Programs, Bookmarks, Hand Fans, Prayer Card, Blankets, Cap Panels, and etc. We have basic funeral programs, designs with colorful backgrounds, and an extensive variety of designs, colors and styles help you honor your loved one with the perfect funeral or memorial keepsake.


 Program Designs:

  • 8.5x11 Standard Program

  • 8.5x11 Booklet  Program

  • 8.5x14 Standard Program

  • 8.5x14 Tri Fold Program

  • 8.5x14 Booklet Program

  • 8.5x14 Staggered Program

  • 11x17 Standard Program

  • 11x17 Tri Fold Program

  • 11x17 Booklet Program

  • 11x17 Gate Fold Program

  • 4x12 Bookmark Progam

Other Items:

  • Social Media Announcement

  • Motion Media Announcement

  • 22x28 Memorial Poster

  • Memorial DVDs

  • Prayer Cards

  • Cap Panel

  • Thank You Cards

  • Retractable Banner

  • Memorial THrow Blanket

  • Bookmarks

  • Hand Fans

Martin Company does offer printing, contact for Printing pricing.


***Custom Designs are available for clients upon request, contact


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